Monday, May 26, 2008

memorial day weekend

It's the kickoff to summer, one of the best weekends of the year. The sun is shining, it's a glorious seventy-six degrees outside - perfect barbeque weather. Families everywhere are blasting music, sitting around the backyard in shorts, tank tops, and sunglasses, eating plateful after plateful of grilled food and potato salad.

And where am I? In bed.

After realizing I was sick on Friday, I tried to take it easy. The Boy quickly gave me all sorts of advice after diagnosing me over AIM (he's pre-med, and once again, is coming in pretty handy) and I made sure to drink a lot of liquids. I even felt relatively better on Saturday, and proceeded to go shopping and clean the house.

Then yesterday happened. I didn't feel too terrible when I got up, after sleeping for a good eight hours. I went to church and to Party City for last minute decorations. (Where, by the way, the fire alarm went off, leaving a group of angry customers outside for a half hour until the fire department finally turned it off.) I got home later than planned, which resulted in my getting out of the shower just before company arrived. My Martha Stewart side was throwing a tantrum in my head, angry that I had no choice but to put up the rest of the decorations while everyone watched. By the time I ran back upstairs to do my hair and makeup and got back to the party, I was exhausted. And that feeling never really wore off.

After everyone left - which was early, around seven - I cleaned up, put on pajamas, and curled up in bed. I didn't sleep until eleven, because Good Will Hunting was on and I'd never seen it before, but as soon as it was over, I was out. I slept until two this afternoon, so hopefully I gave my body the rest it wanted.

As much as I'm thoroughly enjoying my air-conditioned room and sitting in my PJs all day, I'm envious that other people are out taking advantage of this beautiful day. I was supposed to see The Boy today, but we nixed that plan since I was feeling so gross. The only benefit of staying in today is that I'm finally getting my butt in gear in terms of finding a job/internship. I've found a few possibilities, so I decided to polish up my resume and start applying. Here's hoping something works out, cause I need experience and money, especially the money.


meloogal said...

Get better lady! I'm coming up to see you on Thursday and I don't want to get siiiick! :-P

Ditto on the experience and money thing. I'm starting to panic a bit. Eeeep!

the glitter kid said...

Good Will Hunting was my favorite movie for quite a few years. Did you enjoy it?

I'm also applying to jobs and it is such a tiring process!

Good luck and feel better!