Monday, June 9, 2008

it's africa hot

Summer is my favorite season. I love laying out at the beach or going in my pool, and I'm a sucker for bathing suits, sunglasses, and flip flops. However. I do not approve of heat waves. Whenever those pop up, I complain along with everyone else and strongly deny ever liking the summer.

Here in the northeast we're in the middle of a heat wave right now. So what did I do today? Went to the New Jersey-New York High School All-Star football game. And sat in the sun. For three hours. See, Lynds was chosen for the New Jersey cheerleading squad, so I decided it would be really fun to go see her. That was a month ago. When I found out the temperatures would be in the high nineties today.. the word "fun" turned into "torturous."

It really wasn't all that bad. The first hour was rough - the sun was beating down on us from behind, and all of our clothes were drenched with sweat. After the sun moved behind the stadium, though, it was a little more tolerable. I just can't believe how the football players and the cheerleaders got through it. Nobody passed out though, which was surprising.

The frustrating part? I didn't get any color. At all. Damn me and my paleness.


Friday night went off without a hitch, by the way. We started our night at Katrina's, where we kicked everything off with a little pre-party toast to her and us. The car ride included a little more pre-party celebrating, which may or may not have been legal. As soon as we got in the club, we unleashed all that energy and hit the dance floor. At midnight the festivities began, and by one thirty, Katrina was on her way home. Of course, she got just what she wanted - midway between officially turning twenty-one and falling asleep in the bathroom, she was dancing on everyone and everything, not having a care in the world. Plus, she looked adorable. I'll have to post a photo blog sometime tomorrow with some from the party and other various things.


I have a very long to-do list that I have to start tackling tomorrow. It's time to get my butt in gear and stop sleeping past noon, eating junk food into all hours of the night, and putting off my responsibilities. Yay, motivation!

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Anonymous said...

ugh. that football game would have killed me!

I'm glad the birthday party was fun and everything went smoothly :)