Wednesday, May 21, 2008

endless possibilities



My roommates are coming back to me. Yay! Melissa is back from her trip to Ireland and England, and Natalie's back from England as well. Danielle gets back this Sunday. So much has happened in the span of these past few weeks, and I'm starting to forget who knows what. I hate when that happens; hopefully soon, I can catch everyone up on my oh-so-exciting life.

So what's this secret story, you ask? Well, I'm very hesitant to talk about it at the moment.. as you can probably guess, it's about A Boy. And basically, I feel a little weird talking about him here because I'm only just starting to get to know him, and wouldn't that be great to have him find this and see that I'm divulging every detail of every moment I spend with him or talk to him. So for right now, expect only a few tidbits of general information.


Ah, summer. I'm finally realizing that I'm actually on break, which means it's time for my annual Goals for Summer.

Goal #1 - De-Clutter My Room

I am a very nostalgic type of person. Unfortunately, this brings out my pack rat side, only with really stupid things. I keep wayyy too much stuff, the kind of stuff I really don't need, like glow sticks from my friends' high school graduation parties. On top of wanting to keep this stuff, I have this urge to display all of it, too. The result is a very, very cluttered-looking room. I've recently been on a mission to make my room look a little more organized, but I'm still having trouble. Hopefully I'll be able to let go of more stuff - I'm pretty good about getting in the purging mood and just tossing anything that isn't extremely sentimental.

Goal #2 - Organize the Family Photo Albums

Holy crackers. We are so behind on putting pictures in albums, and my OCD side has had just about enough of this nonsense. There are a million photo envelopes in our closet in the den, and all of these empty books, and yet nothing's been done. I always threaten to make it my pet project for the summer or winter break, but usually get scolded by my mom for wasting time on non-important things. Psh. Who needs to work and earn money when I could appease my organizational cravings? Anyway, this year I think I'm finally gonna just sit down and do it.. IN ADDITION to my job, of course.

Goal #3 - MAKE MONEY

This is a big one. Right now The Boy is looking into an internship possibility for me (he's coming in handy already! heh), so my fingers are crossed about that one. If not, I'm looking into being a temp, either just general office work or maybe even doing accounting-related stuff. We'll see. A little, teeny-tiny part of me also wants to try out waitressing, but I shy away from that in most cases because I would NOT do well dealing with unhappy people.

Hopefully I can accomplish at least one - if not all - of these goals. Let's see what I have to say in August, because right now I'm in that mood where I'm thinking, I have the whole summer ahead of me! ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES! Same as every year.

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the glitter kid said...

thanks for the comment! I think you're right that I'm going to have to be more forward and ask him how he feels. that way at least the wondering can end.

as far as summer goals, we have pretty much the same ones. I tend to keep everything in hopes that one day I'll make the most amazing scrapbook ever but what really happens is that I have stacks of ticket stubs and postcards with no where to put them.

oh, and good luck with the new guy! :)