Saturday, April 5, 2008

some random thoughts

  • Shopping is a cure-all. I was moping around the house after classes this afternoon, and since everyone abandoned me, my plan was to go to bed at around 9pm. As you can probably guess, that didn't happen. I headed out to go on a short shopping spree, actually got in bed at 10pm.. and couldn't fall asleep. Great.
  • Our bathroom light is fixed! I've spent the first three quarters of the school year making the light work by twisting it a little. Or, as I like to call it, magic. Finally though, it went completely out. It was fixed as an afterthought - we put in a work order to fix the flickering stairwell lights, because we decided quickly that we do not want a rave in our townhouse. The bathroom light was an extra little request. Rumor has it that maintenance showed up at 10am (while Natalie was roaming around in her underwear) and realized they couldn't fix the other light without a ladder. They claimed they'd be back this afternoon. They never showed up.
  • Mystique is tonight! Which is exciting enough, but it also means that my secondary high school crew is coming. I would call them my group of friends, but they're really Katrina's and Maddie's. You could probably figure that out when you see us together - a large group of Asians and about three white kids, including yours truly. Anyway. These kids are crazy and hilarious, and I can't wait to see all of them again.
  • In just a week, I'm going to have a crazy two days. Friday night is Relay for Life, the one day a year that everybody is jealous of my ability to stay up until 5am. From there I head back here to sleep from about 6am until 1pm, and then LYNDSAY IS COMING!!!!!!111!!!11one!. I am beside myself with excitement, for no real reason, considering I see and talk to her all the time. I've also found myself wanting to convince her to come to my college. Who knew I was so attached? I certainly didn't. Along with being excited, I'm having these terrible urges to clean the entire townhouse and make it look tons more amazing than it already does. My Martha Stewart tendencies will never die.

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