Thursday, April 10, 2008

new and old

Yesterday I experienced another one of my late-blooming firsts in life - I went clubbing. Okay, so I didn't technically go clubbing. I went to a club to see a bunch of awesome dance performances. But it still counts, okay? Because I still got the full club experience of getting carded, buying really expensive alcohol, and getting asked to dance by a creeper.

We spent an hour driving through the city, where we were supposed to be finding a club called Hiro, which was located on 16th Street between 8th and 9th. And yet somehow, we ended up passing by Ground Zero. (Note: I am completely unaware of the geography of NYC, but when I told my roommates this, they were like, "wow, you guys were really off track.") Luckily, because my studio director had reserved a table, we were able to get in without waiting in line and we got an awesome little place to sit on the second floor of the club.

Our view.

Ashley and myself.

I was so glad to actually have someplace to sit, because I made the mistake of wearing really uncomfortable shoes and would've died had I had to stand on the floor. I didn't dance much, except towards the end when they kicked us out of our table area. But I had a blast. Watching my studio director and our friends get buzzed was entertainment enough for me, especially with the drive home and stopping at the diner at 4:30am.

Chris being his typical self at the diner. I'm not capable of repeating the conversation that brought on this picture.


It seems that the way I'll be able to stop biting my nails is if I'm constantly distracted. And I mean constantly. Because it took the past two days of back-to-back activities for them to grow. I just sat down at the computer an hour ago and noticed that they had grown out a little bit. Of course, as soon I realize they're growing.. the urge to bite them is even stronger. I've already chewed off a few of them. Here's hoping for more willpower so that they can finally grow out completely.


I just spent a half hour freaking out because of my recurring addiction to the television show So You Think You Can Dance? (SYTYCD?). A quick summary of my serious, serious issues regarding this show goes something like this - I watched the second season, got really attached to two dancers that were partnered (whom I also believed WAS COMPLETELY CONVINCED were dating and destined to marry), saw their tour twice (including a secret trip to Connecticut), continued to thoroughly obsess over them, and made a point of going to every event they were at whenever possible. Which included trips to Long Island and Pennsylvania, where I spent my time developing relationships with people I had only known online. Yeah, I had issues.

Finally though, I got over a lot of it, mainly because it was consuming my life and also, I realized I was acting a little crazy. But. I still have an attachment to that pair of dancers, specifically the girl, Donyelle Jones. Because she's the fiercest dancer I've ever seen.

ANYWAY. Tonight was Idol Gives Back, which I totally forgot started at 7:30pm. I meant to watch because a rumor had it that a few dancers from all three seasons of SYTYCD? were slated to be making appearances. Had I not forgotten, my ass would've been glued to my chair from the moment the show started. However. It turned out that their main performance was the opening act, and I had only realized it was tonight at 8:30pm. Craptastic. But then! I found a crappy YouTube conversion of the routine, I realized that HOLY SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS, Donyelle was in there somewhere. I knew a handful of the dancers would be there, but there were waaaaay more than I expected. So what did I do? Bought the performance on iTunes. And watched it about five times now

..maybe the obsession isn't completely gone yet. A-heh.

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