Tuesday, April 29, 2008

beautiful day

The weather is a very strange thing. When I rushed out of my townhouse around noon, it was cloudy and cold, which didn't add to my horrible mood. I'd woken up late, and on top of that, I was having a bad stomach episode. Anyway, class was over in an hour and upon walking outside, I realized that all the clouds had cleared and the sun was shining. It's a little chillier than I would've liked, but it is gorgeous outside.

(some shots taken very lazily from my bedroom window)

I'm taking it as a sign. I tend to do that a lot, because it inspires me to find mundane things and pretend they mean something. See, I was ready for today to be crappy because of my unfortunate morning. Had I not had a presentation in class, I would've definitely stayed in bed. I was ready to crash into my bed as soon as I returned from class. The weather totally changed my mind. Sunny, blue skies are apparently medicinal.

Now I just have this positive vibe about today. That project I've been dreading forever seems like the easiest thing in the world. All those questions I had for RHA or for other classes are getting answered and stressing me out less and less. I have productivity running through my body. It's pretty crazy for someone who rarely gets that motivated to work.

Yesterday's weather was also indicative of my mood, I suppose. When I stepped out of my house on my way to meet my friend for dinner, the drizzling rain turned into a sudden downpour. It was strangely warm outside despite the rain, and I smiled at all of it. I have a very picky attitude when it comes to rain. At night, I adore it. During the day, not so much. Cold, rainy days make me really depressed and lazy. But if it's warm out, and the skies aren't too dark.. there's this strange appeal to it.

I better take advantage of this productive mood I'm in before it goes away, which could be in five days or five minutes. Let's hope it's the former.

Oh! And a quick Happy 3rd Anniversary! to my roommate Natalie and her boyfriend.

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