Thursday, March 13, 2008

More about my shopping habits

You know what's kind of ridiculous? I can buy things I don't need at any given moment, and yet when I actually need something, it takes me forever to buy it.

At school, if someone says they're going shopping, immediately I say, "Where? Really? I think I'll join you." It really doesn't matter where they're going; I can buy worthless crap anywhere. When I'm at home, I'm constantly asking my mom to go shopping with me (why the pointless torture? Because she'll pay for things if she's with me). But see, I try to fool myself by shopping for sale items, thinking that it's totally worth it now because I paid twelve dollars instead of the original fifteen.

However. When it's something I actually genuinely need.. it takes way too long. For example. When I went to school, I brought the TV from my room with me. Then, because I couldn't stand being home without a TV in my room, I took the one that's been sitting in our basement. For the longest time, I couldn't find a remote to go with it, so for a couple of weekends I endured the burden of having to choose only one channel to watch before bed, and having to get up from being cozy in my bed to finally turn it off when I was tired enough. Needless to say, it didn't take me long to search fervently through this house to find the remote. And I did. But guess what? This remote halfway doesn't work. The volume controls and the channel up and down buttons don't work. Meaning I have to get up and adjust the volume, and to "surf" the channels, I have to punch in the number for each one. Because apparently, I'm crazy.

How little effort would it take for me to go to any store and buy a universal remote? Very little, especially considering I've even been to stores where I could've purchased said remote. But have I? No. I also haven't bought high-quality tweezers, a picture frame for dance pictures, and a Bible, all of which are additionally on my "need to have" list. But! I bought new flip flops and new jeans! Totally necessary, considering I already have jeans. And flip flops. AND IT'S NOT EVEN FLIP FLOP WEATHER YET. Right.


It's Thursday, ladies and gentlemen, which means that Spring Break is almost over. Meh. I've spent the beginning of this week sleeping, eating, sleeping, working.. and sleeping. With a bit of bumming around sprinkled on top. I really can't complain, because it's really what I needed to do with this break. Still, I'm a little jealous of people who did really cool or fun things this break.

And now, I'm out of things to say, and stuck trying to come up with something cool and awesome to end with. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at conclusions. So. In conclusion... I have nothing with which to conclude. The end.

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