Monday, March 17, 2008

kiss me, i'm irish

I totally aced my midterm this morning. Who would've thought that actually studying would end up working to my benefit? A-heh.

So in case you were living under a rock, today is Saint Patrick's Day. I wish I had a history lesson for you all, but I don't, and I'm way too lazy to go look anything up. So! I'll tell you superficial things about the holiday, a topic in which I'm very well-versed.

First of all, everthing's green. Your clothes, your bagels, the icing on your donuts, your milk, and of course, your beer. And everything else in between. I think it's one of the only holidays where real foods are dyed a certain color. In addition to all the green, many people decide that just for today, they're Irish, which means partaking in consuming massive quantities of alcohol and the ever-popular catch phrase, "Kiss Me, I'm Irish." (Although, I've seen a new trend of shirts/buttons/etc. that say, "I'm not Irish, but kiss me anyway." There's a special kind of hate in my mind for crap like that. But I digress.) There is, of course, the traditional Irish meal - corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, rye bread, and Irish soda bread. I went through a phase where I was really tired of all those foods, because when the Irish cook potatoes and cabbage... we just toss them in a pot of boiling water until they seem done (read:until they're overdone). Which basically renders them tasteless. But, I've gotten over it, especially after adding copious amounts of salt.

What else? I guess I could talk to you about Leprechauns and rainbows and all that happy BS, but I don't really associate those things with the holiday, to be honest. For me, it's all about wearing as much green as possible and pinching all those who refuse to do the same. And eating green food.


The people over at Hershey's are doing amazing things, ladies and gentlemen. Today on my trip to Target with Melissa and Rachel, I stumbled upon Creme de Menthe, Coconut Cream, and Orange Cream Hershey's Kisses. They just keep coming up with new, delicious flavors to put in these things. Obviously I had no choice but to pick up a bag of the mint ones and the coconut cream ones. See, I'm a sucker for this stuff - cute things that come in a variety of flavors. I get way too excited when I see something like this, and I'm compelled to buy and try them. Basically, I'm their target consumer: that hypothetical, over-excitable store patron that the marketing people pretend really exists, who finds the bag and thinks, "OH MY GOD! WHAT AN INGENIOUS FLAVOR COMBINATION!"

Seriously though? It's blowing my mind that nearly every time I come across a display of Hershey's kisses, they always have a new flavor. Blowing. My. Mind.

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