Monday, February 11, 2008

Yes We Can

My hesitance to adopt this website for my blogging has produced at least one positive outcome: because I feel like my entries have to have at least some inkling of substance, I don't waste too much time on here. Of course, I won't mention that I've utilized my procrastination skills elsewhere, such as reading political blogs. At least that's more educational, right? Right?!

I've been getting really into this whole election, which I suppose is a good thing. At first it felt awkward, because I felt that I was acting like a "poser." (Ah, haven't used that word in a while.) Getting excited about debates and Super Tuesday results felt strange because it was never something that interested me before now, and I felt like I wasn't really into them, but simply into the novelty of them. If that makes any sense at all.

Barack Obama is my candidate of choice by a long-shot. Something about Hillary irks me, although I guess I'll be forced to... I'll happily... I'll end up voting for her if she wins the Democratic nomination. I really hope she doesn't, though. I can't really explain what drew me to Obama, but I can tell you that he inspires me. He speaks so eloquently and brings a different personality to politics. He's not about smear campaigns and he doesn't take money from lobbyists, two things that I admire him for, because it takes a lot of guts to go against these things that have become "tradition" among politicians. I guess what it comes down to is that he's not the same old boring politician who I can't relate to or who doesn't care about my concerns; he takes time to reach out to the young people. Being on the very low side of the 18-30 age bracket, I hear a lot about how young people never really vote, that they get involved but then fail to go out to the polls. Obama represents something that we all crave, enough to pull the twenty-somethings out of their houses and dorm rooms and to the polling places. Another smaller reason that I'm behind Obama is that I tend to favor the underdog. Although he is on the heels of Hillary (or, according to some websites, leading her in the delegate count), he has come a long way, and it's been a battle. Hillary has intense name and face recognition, has the buzz about her being the first female president, and is married to a former president. Clearly, she has a lot going for her. However. Obama has shown that he can do just as well as she can, no matter how many people cite his inexperience (which I, for one, believe is not even that important when electing a president, because he'll have the intelligence to surround himself with experienced people).

So that's my little political schpeal.


I knew it was coming, and today, I woke up with The Cold. I get The Cold usually every year, sometimes more than once. It's the same for me every time - first my nose gets stuffy and then runny, which is sometimes the extent of it. However, I know it's getting worse the day that I end up with an irritated throat, and when I try to sleep, the scratchiness of my throat prevents me from doing so because I have to clear my throat or swallow every other minute. And then I curse the heavens because I know that the following day, it will be even worse. And it was. My throat was scratchy all day, and now I'm developing a cough as well. Great. Thank you, below-zero wind chill. I appreciate it.


There should be homework getting done right now, considering I should probably go to bed early so that I get better faster. But in the world of college, things make total sense in my head, but never get put into practice. I have a Capital Budgeting homework assignment that I should be trying to get done because in this class, he will call anyone at will to do the problems. I also have reading for my 10am class that should probably be done, but neither of these things are even close to being finished. So now it's almost 11pm, which is when I wanted to go to sleep, and now comes the decision - stay up that extra hour and get the work done, or go to bed now and wake up extra early to do the work. Without fail, nine times out of ten I choose to go to bed and get up early... except that I rarely ever actually get up.

I'm thinking my plan of action is to start the homework, go to bed in a half hour, then wake up "early" to finish it. I'll let you know how that goes.

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