Sunday, February 17, 2008

I don't even know

Valentine's Day. Yeah, so it was four days ago, and I'm a bit late, but it was too good a day not to blog about it.

Let me begin by saying that, although I have now been valentine-less for every single Valentine's Day I've lived through, I still enjoy it as I do all holidays. Valentine's Day is such a polarized holiday - you have the people who love it (i.e., me), but then you have those who absolutely despise it. You know those people. You might even be one of those people.

I find that these people can be, for the most part, categorized into two groups. The first group are those who don't have a significant other and have jealousy issues. Their primary objective is to make you feel sorry for them and to put down Valentine's Day by any means. The second group of people are those who constantly remind you that Valentine's Day is a made-up holiday by corporations to make you think you need to buy shit. Sometimes this group coincides with Group #1, because the first group can use this as yet another excuse as to why you shouldn't enjoy Valentine's Day.

The commercialization issue really gets me, because nowadays, everything is commercialized. Get over it. Just because companies come up with products for every single holiday doesn't mean that the value of the holiday itself is gone. Obviously, most intelligent people understand that Christmas and Valentine's Day aren't primarily about getting gifts. It's true that most of these same people do give and receive gifts, however, they realize the deeper meaning of it all.

I find it frustrating, because I see both sides of the spectrum. Meaning, I am first in line to buy into the commercialization of holidays. I own holiday-themed clothing and decorations, and will buy food or other items simply because they are holiday-related. However. I also celebrate these holidays and their true meanings, such as acknowledging those who love you and letting them know they are important to you.

Anyway. My Valentine's Day was very enjoyable. Probably one of the best I've had so far. My roommates and I all woke up to find roses left in front of our doors, which we later found out was from a kid I know who bought them for all the girls in the townhouse complex I live in. I also received a little paper valentine from Melissa and a lollipop candygram type of deal from Danielle. Even Melissa getting flowers from Matt made me happy. In my usual over-the-top style, I wore a cute dark pink top with my Hooker Boots, along with some heart earrings. At night, Melissa, Danielle and I celebrated a girl's night in by ordering Italian food, breaking out some sparkling cider and chocolate covered strawberries, watching chick flicks and putting together my 3-D Cinderella Castle puzzle.

So take that, fate. I don't need a stinkin' boyfriend. I have plenty of love in my life without one.


So last entry, I talked about The Cold. Well, it's gotten worse, but that's probably because I've been neglecting the fact that I'm actually sick. Last week I failed to go to bed early, despite claims that I would every night. I also recall venturing outside a few times without as much protection from the cold as I probably should have had. Twice I walked in the rain without an umbrella or a hood. Last night I stayed up talking to my roommates until five thirty in the morning.

Of course, being sick and everything, I've abandoned all my resolutions and disregarded what I gave up for Lent. I haven't worked out in a week and I started to let my eating habits fall by the wayside. Friday's diet consisted of penne vodka, french fries, and Cheez-Its. That totally encompasses all the food groups.

As for what I gave up for Lent, I'm trying to rethink my decision. "Not sleeping for more than 9 hours" really isn't a good vow anyway. I think I'm going to adopt the "don't hit the snooze button" vow instead, because it's a lot more practical.


Once more, I've delivered a really disappointing blog. Not in terms of content per say, but in terms of boring the hell out of everyone. Even I'm bored. I'm finishing this and thinking, did I just write that? Sort of reminiscent of Jim Gaffigan's question after eating a Hot Pocket: "Did I eat that or did I rub it on my face?"

I'm... gonna go now. Homework, you know. And.. I need to disassociate myself with this entry.

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