Sunday, January 20, 2008

My very first photo blog

Along with blog-switching, Melissa has inspired me to expand my (very non-existent) photography skills. Without further ado, here is my very first photo blog.

This is a puzzle that, against our better judgment, my mother and I constructed. Doing puzzles is a hobby that runs in my family, so we're no novices when it comes to stuff like this. However. This puzzle took six days, and every day we thought we wouldn't make it to the end. I proclaimed my hate for the puzzle early on, before my mom even tried her hand at it. It only took five minutes before she too was spewing hateful comments towards the puzzle.

I present to you Melissa and Natalie. As you can see, Natalie's leg is happy to see Melissa. *childish snicker*

Somehow I have become one of those girls who is twenty-one years old, yet still insists on owning character-themed items meant for children under the age of ten. Seen here, a Hello Kitty stuffed animal, which I just received for my 21st birthday. What says "Welcome to adulthood!" better than a Hello Kitty doll? Nothing, that's what.

Oh, and leave Dumbo out of this. Disney characters are completely acceptable.

On Thursday night, it snowed! Yay!

A shot of my pool, to show the snow accumulation.


Propping open my window with the closest appropriate object I could find so that I could take pictures. And praying I didn't accidentally knock it out the window.

My fierce rain boots. Just 'cause.


I've started to create my makeshift Stuff That I'm Bringing to School pile. So far it contains my rain boots, my regular boots, a poster, some randomly chosen DVDs, my box of Sharpie markers, and my 3D Cinderella Castle puzzle.

Clearly I have a lot ahead of me.

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meloogal said...

i like this entry because my face is in it.

oh. i mean. because i like looking at pictures. a LOT. SEE YOU TOMORROW HOLY SHIT