Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Theme: Growth

During the holiday season, I participated in Stratejoy's Holiday Council. I was worried I was overloading my plate, but it ended up being totally worth it.

While working through the program, I came up with my theme for this year and concluded what last year's theme ended up being.

Last year was about letting go: shedding the shell of anxiety that I had formed around myself. I flew on a plane to and from Las Vegas, BY MYSELF, for Bloggers in Sin City. As I explained in this recap post, Vegas (and the people I met there) taught me that I was invincible.

I carried this confidence into the rest of my year, getting through day-to-day anxieties a bit more easily and taking another plane ride to Florida in the fall. I stopped being so panicky on car rides. I relaxed into spur-of-the-moment situations. It's far from perfect - I still have panic attacks or high-strung moments - but they don't get the best of me. They don't render me helpless anymore.

With that in mind, I knew that this year it was time for the next step: GROWTH. I want to grow in all the aspects of my life - my career, my relationships, my personal self-care habits. There was this long, drawn-out period of time when I thought I wasn't capable, and I thought I had a better "excuse" than most people. Most people get in their own way; I convinced myself anxiety was in my way and it was out of my control. In 2013, I learned that it wasn't.

I'm still figuring out the bits and pieces that make up this theme. I have to plot out all of the smaller, actionable steps and flesh out my ways of being a little bit more, but having the central idea nailed down feels amazing. I'm ready to leap forward into 2014 and grow my life outwards as far as it will take me.