Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend.

My Thanksgiving weekend was a whirlwind of eating and laughing and seeing a bunch of people I loved. Oh yeah, and baking desserts.

On Thanksgiving Eve, Lyndsay and I set out to construct an apple crisp. As usual, I did about 90% of the work, but it's always okay because we both know I love it. Her friend Nina came over and we headed out for drinks because that's what you do on T-Giving Eve.

Except by 11pm, we all felt like grandmas and were ready to go home after only one drink.

This ended up being a good thing. Upon arriving home, I stopped only briefly in the kitchen to make sangria before crashing into bed. In the morning, I turned on the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade and giddily danced around when they announced the balloons WOULD fly (there was iffy weather, and I would've been truly devastated had they not been included). I happily baked pumpkin pie before my mom got up and took over the kitchen.

Thanksgiving went how it always goes - catching up over appetizers, hovering around the kitchen trying to help in any way possible, barely touching my dinner (hi, anxiety), playing a family game, making and serving dessert. Actually, this year I made cinnamon rolls on the spot and they came out so well that I'm considering just making them all the time. They were miniature and I used the cupcake maker Danielle gifted me a few years ago, so it was super easy and fast.

We were super unhappy that we each matched each other.

The next day was a post-Thanksgiving get-together to see Matt and Amy, because they celebrate the day itself with other family. We had sub sandwiches and Bagel Bites while we completely obsessed over their wedding. It was the first time seeing them since the big event, so we rehashed all the fun details. The kids all escaped to the den to play a rousing game of Card Against Humanity, which I now have to keep in the trunk of my car because everyone is ALWAYS ASKING TO PLAY IT.

Watching Amy play this for the first time and giggle over all of her cards was the best part.

On Saturday (yes, my weekend kept going), I attended Friendsgiving with the H-Town crew. I have been so blessed to have been welcomed into Natalie's group of hometown friends - they are the best kind of people who always have funny stories to tell, listen to every word you have to say, and are just supportive and wonderful. I know how hard it can be making friends as you get older and I am so, so lucky to have stumbled upon another handful of girls I can call friends.

My new BFF even if she doesn't know it yet.

Finally, finally, on Sunday I slept. And lounged. And online shopped. And dreaded going back to work on Monday. But mostly, I looked back on the weekend and realized how much fun I had and how, really and truly, I didn't feel as anxiety-ridden as I usually do. Progress.