Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday Night Blues.

I've talked about this before, but I have a really tough time with Sundays.

It all began when I started my new job. I dreaded Monday, and Erik and I would part ways for the weekend, so Sunday became this huge suck-fest. Usually I cried myself to sleep, be it for five minutes or a half hour, because feeling crappy triggered all my negative thoughts and... well, you get the picture. It wasn't a good time.

Eventually I got used to my job and coped better with saying goodbye to Erik. I settled into my schedule and things were good for a while. Then Erik got a job where he works Sunday through Thursday and I found myself thrown back into the cycle of hating Sundays.

It's not as drastic as it used to be; I don't cry about it anymore. But it's almost like I have Saturday and Sunday blues. On Saturday, when we're getting ready for bed, I realize our time together is over, even though I have a whole day left of my own personal weekend. Then I experience normal weekend-ending Sunday blues.

I try to balance it out by embracing my Sundays, whether that means running errands, doing chores, completing work for my second job, or allowing myself to have a mope-fest and laying in bed all day. If I'm at Erik's house, I usually get out of bed at a decent hour to drive home and am forced to start my day, which is good. Now that it's football season, I'm trying to become a serious Giants fan (yeah, I know, I picked the wrong year for that) and watch the games, either alone or with Lyndsay and her family. It prevents me from hating my life all the way through Sunday, but the nights are still not fun.

Once I'm living with Erik – which, mind you, is still a long ways away – I think I'll handle it better. By that point I should have a new job and a shorter commute anyway, but the worst part of my blues is feeling the absence of Erik after spending such a short amount of time with him. At least having company on Sunday nights will make me feel less dread-y about the week ahead. I just need to have a little patience and know that things will get better soon.

Do you get the Sunday night blues? What do you do to compete with them? Or, if you don't have them, what's your secret?!