Thursday, September 5, 2013


I wish I could recall all that happened this summer, in every weekend and every minute not spent in my cubicle, between the borders of June first and August thirty-first. I want to say it moved quickly, but my trip to Vegas seems like a long-lost dream because of how much time seems to have passed.

Part of it is that once I came home from my early kick-off to summer, my boss had surgery and was out for three weeks. Anything I did in my leisure time was sucked down a black hole of work. Even when she came back, she was physically impaired and I almost found it harder to help her and do my own work. So in that respect, I think June slipped away from me.

My iPhone helped me remember I did do things in June. Clockwise from top left: Lyndsay's graduation party, a minor league baseball game, my cousin's fiance's bridal shower, and a cornhole tournament at a friend's house.

July was slower and I was able to savor it a little bit more. Erik’s parents went on a three-week vacation, so I spent many weekends escaping to the alternate universe of north Jersey. Even with the hour commute, I found myself looking forward to it, and not just because I got to see my boyfriend.


Festive Fourth of July cocktail, "breakfast" shot with orange juice chaser, lunch in Erik's backyard, domesticated Erik and Cody Banks!

August was VEDA, plain and simple; making videos, watching videos, forgetting to make videos on weekends… just as it always goes.


I also did non-VEDA things in August, like take artsy pictures, drink more drinks, and celebrate Erik's mom's birthday.

Now I’m here on the other side of warm weather and the late-setting sun. Mornings are chillier and coffee shops are serving pumpkin spice lattes, which, not complaining one bit on that one. Still, I wish my vacation had been spread out over the summer instead of jam-packing into this upcoming month.

September will see me in Mystic Island (down the shore), somewhere else in New Jersey to visit Melissa, and then all the way to Florida to spend time with Erik’s family. I will count down the days until my cousin’s October wedding and Erik’s twenty-fifth (!?!?!) birthday.

I will also be back here, in my little spot on the internet. Because after putting my face on camera for thirty-one days, I realized I really missed doing this.