Friday, December 21, 2012

Five Things Friday: Excitement.

Christmas and New Years and their respectable Eves are very exciting, of course. They're some of my favorite holidays all squished into two weeks. Here are five other things coming up that I'm super stoked about.

  1. My birthday. Duh. Lyndsay and I went on our annual Christmas mall trip and had dinner after, where we discussed how I deserve a huge birthday blow-out. I handed the reins over to her to plan most of the fun stuff and I cannot wait to see what happens. No matter what, I get to wear a tiara, so I'm already completely on board.
  2. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Will it shock you to find out that I've never seen the show? I KNOW. It's so "me" and I live an hour away from NYC, but my parents aren't city-goers and so I never went as a kid. I also never got around to it as a young adult. This year, Erik was a sweetheart and got me tickets to the show as an early anniversary gift. I have wanted to be a Rockette my entire life, so I will probably be crying when I see them in person. (This is not an exaggeration; I'm too emotional about everything, especially Christmas things.)
  3. The NYC Ballet presentation of The Nutcracker. My friends are my friends for a reason, so when we collectively decided we were OBSESSED with it, Katie, Melissa, and I made plans to go see it. Again, I have never seen a live performance of The Nutcracker, nor have I been to a real, grown-up ballet. Eeeeee!
  4. A pre-Christmas manicure and pedicure. Alright, I have honestly been really excited about this one... but I already went! I called yesterday during lunch, positive that I wouldn't get an appointment until the weekend, but she scheduled me for 6:30 that evening. So now I have pretty, red, Christmas-y nails that look fabulous.
  5. Our anniversary in Atlantic City. As my gift to Erik for our anniversary, I booked a nice hotel room in AC thanks to LivingSocial. There are few things I enjoy more than staying hotels, though that may be because my parents considered that a "vacation." (Seriously. We'd spend an overnight in Embassy Suites, which is a half hour from home. My parents are clearly shakers and movers.) My last trip to AC with Erik and his friends was short-lived and a little lackluster, so I wanted to go again, just me and him.
What are you looking forward to aside from the holidays?