Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Life Update.

That was a pretty heavy post to drop on this blog after a nearly two-month-long hiatus, don't you think? I do. Because of that, here's an update of all the things I meant to blog about, but never did.
  • Melissa's wedding was fabulously fabulous. There were cute details everywhere, like the book spine guestbook and pancake mix favors (because they met at IHOP, how cute is THAT), and they even had an epic Star Wars light saber battle as their entrance. Can't get better than that, friends.

  • The following weekend was another weekend, this time for Natalie's MOH and BFF, Justine. We had a blast - their friends are all so welcoming and I love spending time with them. There was also a photobooth, unlimited wine refills, and the best cocktail hour food I've had so far.

  • After that, life quieted down for a bit. There were some family and friend BBQs, a house party weekend at Erik's, and the dinner cruise this weekend. This past Sunday I had absolutely nothing to do, which was glorious.
  • I survived a week in July where both of my bosses were gone. Of course, a bunch of random things went wrong and I had to keep calling my boss, but she was happy to help and everything was sorted out by the time she came back. When she did get back, however, she randomly taught me three news things in one week that I needed to learn and do because she was backed up on her work. So I basically had two stressful weeks in a row.
  • My health has been pretty good lately. Not that I've improved any of my habits, but I rearranged when I take my medicine and it's really helped to make my mornings less stressful.
  • My feelings about my job have gone back and forth. I want to discuss it here, but am afraid (paranoid?) that someone from work will find it.
What's up with all of you? If you're still reading, that is. I've been hitting "Mark All as Read" a lot in Google Reader - fill me in!