Friday, February 24, 2012

Let It Be.


Getting stuck in a bad mood isn't uncommon for me, especially these days when I'm waist-deep in my quarter-life crisis. Usually the cure for this is interaction with friends and/or my boyfriend, but for some reason, this time that wasn't working.

Sometimes it really is just a matter of settling into your feelings and letting time pass. I didn't do anything particular to cheer myself up. In fact, big things weren't cheering me up for the long term: an entire weekend with Erik didn't, Valentine's Day didn't, and even the shower didn't magically make my funk disappear.

All of a sudden, though, I got through Tuesday feeling better than usual and didn't find myself melting into a self-pitying puddle by the end of the night. I stopped being terse in my text conversations with Erik and started talking like I normally would. I didn't skip my nightly routine so that I could curl up in bed faster. I didn't cry myself to sleep. The same thing happened Wednesday and then again on Thursday.

It was refreshing, actually, to not have the responsibility of pushing myself through my sadness. Was it tiresome to deal with it so many days in a row? Absolutely, which is why I normally find ways to pull myself out of it. But it's helpful to realize that even if I simply go along with it, submitting to my need for solitude and a few nights of crying, I'll get through it anyway.