Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wine and Love [Vol. 14].

hosted by Nora!

Filling my wine glass...
  • My boss's schedule didn't jive with mine this week, so I ended up not working at all. This isn't good because I could really use the money!
  • Everyone is buzzing about Bloggers in Sin City and I'm totes jealous. A perfect storm of not having enough money, still struggling with health issues, and my fear of flying is keeping me away this year. Maybe next year?
  • I finally went to the dentist last week only to find out I have about a billion cavities. No, seriously. They counted off more than ten. Luckily I only need two crowns and no root canals; the rest are just fillings.

Filling my heart...
  • Last week I spent three days at Erik's house, totally unplanned. We had joked about me driving up to see him after work on Wednesday, but thought it probably wouldn't work out. Once I was at work, though, I really wanted to go... so I did! I planned to spend one night and leave Thursday evening, but then his friends came over and I ended up hanging out with them and staying again. The greatest part? All I had was my small-ish satchel purse. Usually I bring a whole bag of stuff, but I "survived" without any of it.
  • I finally found my job-applying mojo last night and applied to three jobs! They're all on college campuses, because I feel most comfortable starting there, but I have a few more regular office jobs to apply to next.
  • By a stroke of luck, I was texting with Lyndsay on Saturday night and we decided to hang out on a whim. It was great - we really reconnected and shared some deep, dark secrets - and the timing was perfect since she went back to school on Sunday.
  • Erik moves back into school today! He's going to be super busy this semester, but having him twenty minutes away always makes me feel a lot better.