Friday, January 27, 2012

Five Things.

Five Things... I did this week that were out of my comfort zone:
  1. Spoke up about my anxiety at the dentist so that they didn't keep me in the chair for more than an hour (even though I ended up having my appointment canceled due to a mix-up).
  2. Bought something risque at Spencer's for Valentine's Day. Nothing too crazy, but enough to make me a teensy bit uncomfortable at the check-out counter.
  3. Made a 30 Before 30 list and published it (which means now I actually have to stick to it).
  4. Commented on this post by Nicole, which is a makeshift resource party. In the comments, everyone listed one or two big goals they had this year and anyone who could help responded.
  5. Told Erik that we need to have a discussion about something that's been bugging me.
Five Things is a new semi-regular series to recap five things that happened in my week. I say semi-regular because these will only pop up when I can figure out five relatable things from any given week. (Also, spell-check is telling me relatable isn't a word. It's totes is, I Googled it.)

What have you done this week (or recently) that was out of your comfort zone?