Monday, January 23, 2012

30 Before 30.

For the longest time, I avoided the idea of Life Lists (and all similar lists) because I don't really live an adventurous life. I know that the point of such lists is to gently push yourself out of your comfort zone, but I always assumed I would never muster up enough courage or effort to get through the list.

In the past year or so, however, I toyed with the idea of making a 30 Before 30 list. To me, 30 tasks in five years is doable. Once I let go of the idea that I had to make a list containing outrageous tasks - like traveling overseas or skydiving - I felt like it was a much better idea.

So without further ado, here is my 30 Before 30 list:

  1. Go to dinner by myself
  2. Go to a movie by myself
  3. Travel by plane
  4. Take a weekend getaway with Erik
  5. Learn to knit
  6. Buy a sewing machine
  7. Go to a(nother) major sporting event (this was on the list in my head before I went to see the New York Rangers, so it's on my list to go to something else)
  8. Learn to make 10 meals well enough that I don't need the recipe
  9. Open at Etsy shop (or sell crafty goods in some fashion)
  10. Move out
  11. Watch 20 "classic" movies
  12. Go to disney
  13. Get a job
  14. Work in the event/wedding planning industry
  15. Take a yoga class
  16. Go to a dance convention/master class
  17. Go to the tree lighting/Thanksgiving Day parade/4th of July fireworks/NYE in NYC (because I couldn't pick and I'm setting the bar low to go to at least one of these)
  18. Go see the Radio City Christmas show
  19. Go see a show on broadway
  20. (Re-)Learn spanish
  21. Host a dinner party
  22. Attend BiSC at least once!
  23. Start a Roth IRA
  24. Save $10,000 for a down payment on a house
  25. Get a tattoo
  26. Watch Friends & Sex and the City from start to finish (I've never seen either all the way through!)
  27. Go on six "real" dates with Erik a year (our "date" nights are usually staying in, or going out with a group of friends; by "real" dates I mean dinner/movie/activity together, just the two of us)
  28. Take a pole dancing class
  29. Buy a smartphone
  30. Save $5,000 for a wedding
There you have it! I want to give a quick thanks to Allison for answering my tweet for some list inspiration - the last seven or eight were inspired by her list, which you can check out here.

I hope to blog about things as I complete them. I mean, some of them will be a given, considering I wouldn't miss out on blogging about going to Disney, my first plane ride, or going to BiSC. Of course, let's also see if I'm still blogging in five years! I hope to be, but you never know.