Friday, December 16, 2011

Bullet List Friday.


Happy Friday everyone!

I'm running on five hours of sleep and am buried in holiday-related to-do lists. In the spirit of that, this blog post will also contain a list... a Bullet List, that is! Everyone's favorite!

What I've been up to:
  • My obsession with Hello Kitty is coming back. I say 'coming back' because I used to love HK in high school. It was my 'thing,' which basically meant I carried around a lot of HK paraphernalia and my friends always gifted me with more. Once I packed up and headed to college, an affinity for Tinkerbell eventually replaced HK. Slowly but surely, I'm growing to love all things Hello Kitty again - I saw a Hello Kitty microwave at Target the other day and nearly died. True story.
  • On Tuesday night I made all of my Christmas cards! I just need to pick up some envelopes and write them out, then they'll be on their way. You can still get in on this - click here to jump to the form.
  • Last night, Erik and I had a major disagreement (okay, call it an argument if you will, but I think that's a dirty word). We eventually worked it out, realizing along the way that we handle our anger and emotions in nearly identical ways (the jury's still out on whether that's a good or bad thing). More importantly, it was one of those fights that forced us to peel back some layers and by the end of it, I felt like we were closer because of it.
  • I successfully spent $100 less on Christmas gifts for friends and family this year than I did last year. I felt really proud of myself. Of course, I quickly realized that the $100 difference was spent on Erik's gifts... at least I didn't spend more than last year? That's good, right?
  • There are still a few Christmas movies I haven't watched yet this year and somehow, they're all of my favorites - The Nutcracker, Love Actually, and The Grinch (the original cartoon). How have I not watched these sooner?! I will definitely be remedying this immediately.