Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ten on Tuesday [Vol. 45].

1. Do you wear glasses, contacts, or are you one of those perfect eyed people?
Perfect-eyed. Strangely, I always wanted glasses... but I haven't needed them thus far in life.

2. What is the next item you are going to purchase?
A gift for Erik. Or a drink from Starbucks, whichever I happen upon first.

3. Have you ever watched Judge Judy or any other real court show?
Yes, but only occasionally. My ex's sister's best friend was on there once. It was weird.

4. How do you feel about fake nails?
I used to wear press-on nails because I bit mine and they couldn't do much with them at the salon, but they're awful and don't stay on. As for 'fake' nails from a salon, I like how they look but I don't like that they're not natural.

5. What is your favorite sport to watch?
Football. A close second - which is a recent addition - is hockey.

6. If you could create your own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor, what would it be and what would it be named?
Something with vanilla bean ice cream, fruit, and cookie or cake pieces. I don't know what it'd be called, I'm not very creative like that.

7. Do you have any scars?
Only a few small ones that are insignificant. I have one on the inside of my knee from nicking myself with roller blades, and one on the front of my knee from when my brother pushed me into a metal cart.

8. Does your pet’s name fit them? Is there a more appropriate name?
I don't have any pets. We had a cat while I was growing up and I had a hamster for a few years and I feel that their names were appropriate (Nigel for our black cat; Lily for my hamster).

9. What is your favorite television show theme song?
The Nanny.

10. What was your favorite activity on the playground?
Jump rope. I used to know a bunch of rhymes but now I can't remember any.

These questions are a part of Ten on Tuesday which is run by the wonderful Chelsea of Roots and Rings.