Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November Goal Check-In.


While searching through my archives for last month's post about goals, I realized I never did one! I was very surprised because I'm not sure what kept me from writing it - I guess it just slipped my mind. Here's an update from the past couple of months.

Get healthy. Nope, not at all. I always have plans in my head, but they never pan out. I really need to figure out what will work for me, because it's getting tiresome.

Work on my anxiety. Not actively, but I've talked myself down from a few near-panic attacks recently.

Live in the moment. Yes and no. I always seem to be looking forward to the next big thing. I'm extremely good at it when I'm with Erik because I really force myself to stop my mind from wandering and appreciate being with him. The worst times are when I'm by myself - I'm either thinking ahead to something exciting, stressing about something in the future, or worrying about the past.

Stay in touch. Not great, but I'm remedying the situation with e-mails and tentative plans coming up.

Be me and stop worrying what other people think. I haven't really encountered any situations in the past few months that required me to do this.

Goals for September: find a job (or at least put a lot of effort into finding one); go to the dentist; try to be as anxiety-free as possible for my friend's wedding; visit Lyndsay at my alma mater; finish decorating my room.

Yeah, no. The only thing I semi-did was start decorating my room. I did, however, blog every day in September like I signed up to do. My only goal for October was to journal every day... which didn't happen.

I really just haven't been great about focusing on these goals. As the year comes to an end, I find that I'm busier and busier - first it was the wedding, then Erik's birthday, and now it's time for the holidays and all the preparation that comes with it.

My goals for the rest of the year are as follows:
  • eat fewer processed foods and less sugar
  • exercise daily (or at least make an attempt)
  • find time for myself every day
  • go with my gut and don't do things for others unless those things are also going to make me happy
  • go to the dentist (which I have been avoiding all. year. long. That's just depressing.)