Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wine and Love [Vol. 10].

hosted by Nora!

Filling my wine glass...

  • One of the things on my chore list this week was to go through my box of college textbooks. I expected to feel empowered because I was planning on throwing most of it out... but I ended up feeling hard pangs of nostalgia while I read through essays and all of my accounting notes. On top of that, the "just in case" hoarder in me refused to throw away nearly half of the books/notes, because there's still a 1% chance I'll go into accounting.
  • As I already mentioned, I wasn't feeling so hot on Tuesday. You would think feeling that miserable would prompt me to make changes in my diet and lifestyle, and yet, I'm still eating junk food daily and not really exercising. Blah.
  • When E was here this weekend, I got really cranky when I lost horrifically to him and my brother in Mario Party, and again when we played Boggle (I absolutely suck at that game). Being a sore loser is not an endearing quality.
Filling my heart...
  •  While looking around for some gift ideas for E (either for his birthday next month or the Christmas/anniversary combo coming up at the end of the year), I found something on Amazon at a ridiculously low price. Seriously. The shipping cost more than the item. I figured that although I have to be tight with money, it was worth buying it now in case the price jumped later.
  • Seeing Neon Trees in concert was really great. They were actually pretty good -- last year I went to see OK Go at the music festival and they weren't good, so I wasn't expecting much. But I really enjoyed the performance!
  • When E was here on Sunday, I wasn't feeling well after eating Taco Bell for lunch and had become a total crankerpot after attempting to play Boggle. So while I sulked and drank my tea, he was really quiet and I heard him shuffling around the Boggle cubes, and after a few minutes he showed me this:

    Super cute, right? He's a keeper.
  • I put the picture of me and E (that I posted on Tuesday) on my phone as the background image and I get all smiley every time I check my phone and see it.
  • There is a lot of fun stuff coming up for me in the next month or so:  bridesmaid dress shopping for BFF Wedding #2, a party at my house while my parents are away, E's birthday, dinner with my aunt, a shopping trip with Lynds, and hopefully I few others things I have yet to plan, like a recital-watching marathon with Ash and dinner with my Lady Lumps.