Friday, September 9, 2011


Today is BFF Wedding #1.


This day has arrived after much anticipation and excitement. Even back in the fall of 2007, when Danielle, Natalie, Melissa and I were living together at college, we knew this day was coming. That may seem ridiculous, but every time Danielle’s boyfriend, A, visited, Natalie would ask – without fail – when he’d be popping the question.

At first it was a playful joke; the two had been dating for a few years and while marriage seemed to be inevitable, it wasn’t the right time. Still, as years went on, the question because less of a laughable suggestion and more of a serious inquiry.

We finally got the answer to our question in December of 2010. The three of us had standing plans to hang out, but Natalie received a text from A that morning to say he had a surprise planned and that Danielle would have to miss out. Well, after asking and assuming and hoping for the past three years… we knew this had to be it. And we were right.

It’s now approximately eight months later, give or take a few days. How Danielle managed to plan this in that time span, I’ll never know – she’s a super hero in my book. The day is finally here and it seems so unbelievable. Personally, this is the first wedding I’ve been involved in and only the second I’ve ever attended. She’s the first of our group of friends to get married and I just know I’m going to cry buckets of tears.

I hope that the rain will disappear – or at least hold off – and that the day goes by with as few hiccups as possible. But most of all, I wish my best friend decades of happiness with her soon-to-be husband. It’s going to be a wonderful celebration of their love, a love that has withstood many challenges and which I look up to as an example of what I expect in my own life.


Today my best friend gets married.