Monday, September 26, 2011

Summer Goals: End of Summer Update

In June, I wrote up a list of summer goals that I hoped to accomplish in the three months of sunshine and sundresses I love so much. Considering the first day of autumn has come and gone (that being said, where did the past three weeks go?!), I figured it was as good a time as any to see how those four goals went.

Get on a regular, normal-person schedule. This... never really happened. It's embarrassing and if I think too much about it, I feel like an absolute failure. Why? Well, I stay up too late and sleep too late, which throws off my eating patterns and does nothing to improve my health. I'm absolutely terrible at waking up in the morning, mostly because I have no reason to do so. It's so easy to hit snooze five hundred times when the only 'obligation' I have most days is to look for jobs... something I despise so much, I sleep in to avoid it. Somehow, this has to change. I feel that if I could just get a handle on my sleeping habits, everything else would be easier to fit into place. Epic fail.

Journal more and work through some of my recurring 'issues'. I did this a few times, but not nearly as often as I had planned. My Joy Juice prompts are piling up in my inbox and I really can't tell why I'm not making them a priority. The one major issue I did journal about -- my inability to ask for and/or receive help -- ended where it started, with confusion as to why I'm physically and mentally incapable reach out to my friends when I'm going through a rough time. But, writing about it did help a bit. Mild success, could've been better.

Read more. Considering my reading frequency was hovering around never, I was bound to make this a success. I just posted about this on Friday, so you know how it went. Success!

Jazz up this space. I got a proper web address and tweaked a few things, but for monetary reasons I didn't look into a new redesign. While I'm happy with my current layout and could probably fashion a new one for myself, I wanted to get something really snazzy, but it'll have to wait until I find a job. Mostly a success!

There you have it! I'd say I did pretty well, considering I kind of forgot these halfway through the summer. I'm hoping to get into my journaling very soon -- I just have to start making a habit of it, either daily or weekly.

How was your summer overall? Did you have any goals? How did they go?