Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Finds.

I found a lot of cool stuff floating around the blogosphere this week, so I decided to round up all of the posts I found inspiring.

Don't believe everything you think. I'm pretty terrible with letting my brain get the best of me. Here's a list of four questions to help you remember that just because you think it doesn't mean it's true.

It only takes a moment. As a firm believer in random compliments, this post really touched me. This is the kind of person I strive to be - one who notices the little things and tries to cheer people up whenever possible.

Journaling to stay present. While I don't journal nearly as often as I should, I found this so insightful. I think I've accomplished all three of the main points mentioned at some point or another, but I really want to get back into the habit of journaling regularly so I can make sense of my life more often.

One of my blog crushes, Amy from Just a Titch, posted this week about changing your eating habits. I'm (very slowly) trying to get on a better, healthier diet, and I loved all of her tips - I especially agree with never saying never, because once you tell yourself that you can't have something, you're going to crave it more!

Confession time: I have a handful of wedding blogs in my GReader, so I get a healthy dose of wedding stuff every day. This, though, is the best thing I've seen - a make-your-own s'mores bar!


Happy Friday everyone!