Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bye june, hi july.


June was pretty quiet for me, actually – the biggest event was Danielle’s bridal shower. I spent the week before shopping for a gift with Natalie, invading Lyndsay’s closet for a cute dress to wear (since I decided I hated everything I owned), and helping put together favors. It was so much fun, and now we’re planning her bachelorette party. The wedding is just about two months away, which I can barely believe.

I battled another Mystery Illness this month – it started with me half-losing my voice, but then developed into an annoying cough. My doctor told me it was allergies, which I was only grateful for because it meant I wasn’t actually sick.

Some other noteworthy moments included getting tipsy with my mom and brother on two separate occasions, watching Modern Family with E and loving it, spending Father’s Day with E’s family, relaxing in the backyard while reading, and a going-away party for Mark. I’m still struggling to get my healthy habits back on track, but it’s slowly coming together.

Goal check-in time!

Get healthy. Not really. I'm getting back on the wagon for good this month, though, because I have no choice.

Work on my anxiety. Not actively, no. Mostly I've just been forcing myself to push through the anticipatory stress because once I get to where I'm going, everything's fine. It's been helpful, but not much of an effort.

Live in the moment. Yes! Although the month flew by, I distinctly remember stopping my mind and focusing on the present many, many times this month. The funny thing is, I always breathe more and stress less when I do this... it's a habit I definitely should continue to develop.

Stay in touch. Yes! Everyone's been busy, but I've been exchanging e-mails all month. Hopefully I'll get to connect with everyone in person in July!

Be me and stop worrying what other people think. Yes and no. In actual situations where other people might judge me, I didn't care. But I let my insecurities take over when I'm alone and trying to fall asleep at night, specifically in regards to my relationship and what E thinks of me. It's been really tiresome, actually.

Goals for June: finish my daily life plan and start implementing it; make a gynecologist appointment; make a dentist appointment; try a new recipe; grow out the rest of my nails; be more forthcoming about my emotions in my relationship; spend as much time outside as possible; apply to jobs.

(Cross-outs mean I reached my goal; italics means I kinda reached my goal.)

Goals for July: make a dentist appointment; grow out the rest of my nails; be more forthcoming about my emotions in my relationship; apply to jobs; spend less time on the internet; stop spending money unless absolutely necessary.