Thursday, May 12, 2011

wine and love [vol. 1].

Wine and Love is a new feature for Thursdays! It was thought up by the especially lovely miss Nora, whose blog you should definitely be reading. What's it about? It's a chance to list some not-so-awesome things that made me wish for a glass of wine as well as all the wonderful things that made me smile. Wanna join in? Feel free to participate on Thursdays and link up at Walking with Nora.

Things causing me to fill my wine glass...
  • Last week and weekend were really busy for E, so I saw him for a shorter period of time than I usually do. When he left, I spent the entire rest of the day in a cranky mood.
  • Accidentally buying eyeliner that was more expensive than expected. Thank goodness for return policies.
  • Feeling really tired all day, but not being able to fall asleep at night. What gives?
  • Really noticing the lack of support I have within my own house. I'm starting to learn how to ignore the nay-sayers and do things my way, but it just sucks when I can sense that nobody really thinks I'm going to succeed unless I do it their way. Especially when those people are my family.
  • I felt tremendously sick on Tuesday, like, back to when I was at square one with my IBS. It made me sad and depressed because I thought I'd relapsed back to that awful time, but I realized it was the product of one too many days of slacking off. I just need to get back into the swing of my good habits.
Things filling my heart...
  • Joy Juice. I gave myself a day to think about it (mostly for monetary reasons), but I figured now is as good a time as any to dedicate myself to a project that will help me get to know and love myself more. I've completed one of the prompts already and will tackle the other one tonight - I'm really excited for more.
  • The new print I got from a Good Cheer Deal on the blog oh, hello friend. It's absolutely lovely and looks so pretty on my shelf!

  • My nails are growing! Just before Easter, I coated my little nubs with nail polish - a decidedly tedious task - and have been doing so every week ever since. I still bite the pinkie nails because I'm terrible at quitting things cold turkey, but the others are long enough to tap on things (which is driving my family nuts).
  • E and I had our first actual phone conversation last night, even though we've been dating for over four months now. See, since we both hate the phone, we avoided it in the beginning stages, but now that we're more comfortable with each other we decided to give it a shot. I think he still wasn't a fan, but I would much prefer hearing his voice every couple of days instead of constantly texting.