Friday, April 8, 2011

happy weekend!


Why, yes, I did just include lyrics by Drake on my blog!

There's something about this lyric, this quote, that I just love. I'll often find myself quoting Ingrid Michaelson tunes or other random songs, but rarely do I find a pretty meaningful string of words buried in a rap song. But, there it is. (Also, I love everything Drake does. Nicki Minaj, too. I could do without Lil' Wayne. I know, I know, you care so much.)

Anyway, I'm gone for the weekend, my loves. Not like I blog on the weekends anyhow, but the idea of telling you plans on Friday instead of long, rambling recaps on Monday is a better way to communicate my weekend plans. I'll be partying it up tonight with E and his friends, then staying overnight and hanging out there on Saturday. After coming home and crashing into bed on Saturday night, I'll be up bright and early to see a movie with my dance girls, Ashley and Cortney (we're catching the before-noon show because $10 movie tickets are ridiculous).

I've been making more and more plans lately, now that I'm coping better with the anxiety. My weekends are chock full of goodness and, even though I'd like to have a job because I could use the money, I know I'm incredibly blessed to be able to sleep in on Monday mornings and recover from my busy weekends. If there ever was a silver lining to this tumultuous time in my life, that's definitely it.

Have a good weekend! See you on the other side.