Sunday, March 6, 2011

tu-tu birthday celebration.

I find myself looking over the pictures from Friday night and almost not recognizing myself.

Maybe it was the new eye makeup I've been using. Maybe it was my haircut finally starting to feel like me. Maybe it was the flash from the camera amidst the dark lighting, making my skin look flawless. Maybe it was being giddy to see my dancers again, being out dancing for the first time in a long time, or getting to introduce my boyfriend to my little dance family. Or, maybe it was the vodka.

I keep doing double-takes at the beaming, bright-eyed face smiling back at me through those pictures. She's radiating positive energy. Her eyes are so bright, not tired and not adorned with bags. She isn't just posing for the mandatory picture-taking and plastering a smile on her face to convince everyone she's alright. And you know what? I don't think it's because of any of the reasons listed above. It's simply because she is - I am - happy.

Friday night was fantastic. I was coming off of a high from spending the previous night at E's place and was ready to dance the night away to celebrate Cortney's twenty-second (tu-tu) birthday. It was so great to see Lisa and introduce her to E, to get a picture with most of the LM Lifer crew, to drink and laugh and act silly. This night out was just what I needed to reconnect with my dancers, especially when we were rehashing old inside jokes. Even if the music was crappy and way too loud (seriously, my ears were ringing all the way home), I had an absolutely amazing time.