Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ten on tuesday [vol. 21].

rita's ice...now open

1. What is your cleaning style like?
Um, obsessive perfectionist? Is that a "style"? I am way too thorough, but that also means I put things off until I can be as thorough as I want. Once I'm in a cleaning mood, though, I just go-go-go. Cleaning relaxes me and makes me feel accomplished because you can (in most cases) see results.

2. What is your favorite thing to add to an outfit to take it from casual to classy?
Adding a chunky belt. It always classes things up, whether it's taking a sloppy t-shirt/legging/cardigan combo to something I can wear in public or making a casual dress look fancier.

3. Do you like stormy weather?
Depends. I'm really picky about when it can storm. If I'm out or have to go somewhere, I'm not a fan. Summer storms, particularly in the late afternoon or evening, are my absolute favorite. During the day they're scary, at nighttime it's beautiful.

4. What is your favorite cold treat on a hot day?
Rita's Italian Ice! They open this Sunday, I am beyond excited.

5. What is your favorite warm treat on a cold day?
Anything from Starbucks or a vanilla chai from Dunkin.

6. Who is your favorite animated character?
Tinkerbell, of course.

7. What do you keep your jewelry in?
My earrings are stored in one of those compartmentalized craft boxes. I have a jewelry box that stores my lesser-used necklaces, bracelets, pins, and rings. Some of my longer necklaces are stowed away in a travel jewelry box or draped on my lamp. For Christmas, I received this adorable necklace stand which houses the necklaces and bracelets I wear frequently.

8. Do any of the rooms in your house have a theme?
No. We do have color themes that we take quite literally sometimes - my room used to be an explosion of purple until I toned it down, my parents' room has a lot of green, and my brother's room is blue.

9. Do you watch any interior design TV shows – if so, what is your favorite?
All. The. Time. I mourn the loss of Trading Spaces because that show was the shit. I used to be an HGTV addict but I don't watch it enough these days to remember any specific show that I love. As long as somebody's making over some part of their house, I'm totally interested.

10. When was the last time you did something risk-taking?
It seems silly, but it was when I started talking to E. In the very beginning, I was so nervous and worried about if it would be weird and how it would turn out. At some point, though, I took the risk of not worrying about it and just surrendering. Worrying makes me comfortable because it makes me aware of all situations and possibilities and feel prepared; surrendering was foreign and out of my comfort zone. And you know what? It was the best decision I could've made.

These questions are a part of Ten on Tuesday which is run by Roots and Rings.