Monday, January 10, 2011

welcome, twenty-four.

{One of a series of the only pictures taken on Saturday night, of E and my brother playing Just Dance.}

Waking up to a plethora of birthday texts and Facebook wall posts. Having silly arguments about what subs to order and what beer to buy, which later turned into hilarious inside jokes. Picking up subs in the snow with my brother. Playing Family Feud with E. Watching E get along splendidly with my family. Wearing my Birthday Princess tiara all night, except when things got serious in Just Dance. Making delicious spinach and artichoke dip. Getting made fun of all night for a family inside joke that E is now in on. Playing WarioWare Smooth Moves under the name Birth. Erupting into laughter when E randomly chose my ex's WiiMii as his own. Totally owning everyone in Just Dance. Dancing my ass off with Ash (like always!) to Proud Mary. Laughing until my abs hurt while watching E and my brother dance to It's Raining Men and Jump (by Kris Kross). Falling asleep on the couch while watching SNL. Cuddling with my guy. Sleeping so soundly after a busy day.

There weren't many pictures snapped, several people had to cancel for various reasons, but I still had an absolute blast. I got a little tipsy with a cozy group of friends and spent most of my night laughing and enjoying every moment.