Monday, December 27, 2010

the unexpected blizzard.

I have lots of lovely stories to share from the holidays, but first I need to address the Almost-White-Christmas Blizzard 2010. Because starting on Sunday and ending at around noon today, the sky literally dumped at least two and a half feet of snow on my neighborhood.

It wasn't forgiving, either. The wind has been whipping around, making drifts and making it extremely cold. Luckily the snow is light, which I'm grateful for, but at the same time there's nothing like throwing a shovelful of snow only to have half of it blow back in your face. Yikes.

My 21-year-old, weight-lifting brother has been an absolute asshole by sitting on his ass and refusing to help unless he's paid, which means most of the work was left to me and my father. My mother even had to help, despite having arthritis in her knees and not being in the best shape. I honestly don't mind shoveling too much - we don't have much to do, since we park all four cars in our double driveway - but it's so incredibly frustrating that he doesn't have the courtesy to help.

Anyway! Enough about that. Now for all the pictures. Hopefully if you're stuck in this mess, you're snug as a bug in your house.

Last night...

My little baby car.

Snow falling.

Around 8pm, we already had about 14 inches.

And today...

Our poor bushes.

Our street.

Our front yard is under there... somewhere.

5-foot pile of snow we shoveled & the wall of shoveled snow around our driveway.

Backyard. Can you see where it drifted to the TOP of the fence in the back?

Up to my knees in a low spot.