Friday, December 17, 2010

grace in small things.

It's been a long, mostly internet-less week, which was both a blessing (I was forced to be productive) and a curse (major withdrawals). But! I'm back with my list of loverly moments for this week.
  • Working at a 'Pictures with Santa Paws' event for my cat shelter and meeting lots of cute kitties and doggies.
  • Visiting my aunt and decorating her house, including a surprise for Lynds when she comes home.
  • Dancing to the music from this awesome Target commercial every time it plays.
  • Watching my brother play Grand Theft Auto, which was so much more fun than it sounds.
  • Making an epic play list of all my favorites from my Christmas albums.
  • Crafting and writing my Christmas cards, which go out in the mail tomorrow! (If you still want one, feel free to fill out this form by Sunday and I'll send it along.)
  • Wrapping presents, which is by far my favorite Christmas activity.
  • Finally getting my internet back! (Sad, but true.)