Monday, November 1, 2010


Oh, Monday. I'm sad to see you after such a fun holiday weekend. But! I'm glad it's the start of a new month and time to start preparing for yet another holiday. Before I go all gung-ho about Thanksgiving, though, let's recap my weekend.

. On Thursday night, my bestest, Natalie, called to let me know she’d be in the area to support her friend who was in a local production of The Crucible, and that Danielle (our other bestest) was also (shockingly!) free. It doesn’t happen often that we’re all available at the same time, so I immediately said yes.

The play was really fantastic – Nat’s friend played John Proctor and was amazing – and the small assembly room we were in was low-lit and decorated in a Halloween-ish fashion. Of course, the best part was that I got to play catch up with my girls and see Nat’s engagement ring in person.

Saturday. I ended up sleeping in late by accident, so I spent the afternoon setting out the pieces of my costume and cleaning my room. After dinner I got down to baking, starting with Halloween-themed brownies and following up with cinnamon apples. Unfortunately, the apples didn’t turn out right because I didn’t add enough brown sugar, so I’ll have to try the recipe again next week sometime. The brownies, however, were delicious as always and were quickly consumed.

I guess I was in a movie-watching mood, because not only did I catch Beetlejuice on TV but I watched Zombieland on Netflix Instant Watch with my mom and brother. Beetlejuice is my favorite Halloween movie – my favorite part is the dinner scene when they all start dancing. We watched Zombieland on a whim and it was fantastic. It was so funny and well-done, and being the girly girl that I am, I loved the little romantic storyline. At the end when he finally got to brush a girl’s hair behind her ear (and kiss her, of course), I swooned a little bit.

Sunday. As I posted yesterday, I dressed up as Katy Perry to answer the door and hand out candy. With the exception of one small group of teens, the entirety of our trick-or-treaters were here in the afternoon, before dinnertime. I was surprised people weren’t out later, but I guess it was easier to go out in daylight.

Some of the better costumes included a girl dressed as Blossom (of the Powerpuff Girls, of course) and a teenage boy dressed in my high school’s uniform. I was taken off-guard because I didn’t see the costumes before I handed the candy out, but then I recognized the sweater immediately and realized he was in full uniform. It was great!

We ended up with a lot of extra candy because my mom thought we’d have tons more trick-or-treaters. It’s totally past an acceptable amount of leftovers, which means we’ll be eating it for weeks (or we’ll eat it all really fast and get sick and fat). I lounged around for the remainder of the evening and watched The Walking Dead mainly because there was nothing else on. It was pretty good – I’m not a zombie fan in particular, but I enjoyed it. I don’t watch anything else on Sunday nights, so I may tune in regularly.

Now I'm pretty much just recovering from sugar overload and trying to figure out how I'm going to stop myself from binging on chocolate for the next week. This isn't going to be pretty.