Friday, October 8, 2010

my friday in pictures.

This morning, after going through the grueling process of waking myself up, I found out that my boss didn't need me to come in today. Faced with the decision to curl back up in bed for the day or go into super productive mode... I actually went with the latter.

First up: clean up the aftermath of World War III going on outside my house, between us and the squirrels.

Spoiler alert - the squirrels are winning.

My secret weapon and proof that I get to use the Big Boy yard work toys.

My next task was to decorate our front yard for Halloween. This is why I could never leave suburbia, because where else would I be able to practice my mastered art (yes, it's an art) of applying faux spider webs to the landscape?

After that I was pretty much exhausted from how hot it got (make up your mind, fall), so I headed inside for lunch and a poor attempt at cleaning out the bathtub and sink drains, which are both mildly clogged. We had purchased the Turbo Snake which, while semi-helpful with the sink, was basically a waste of money. I quickly moved onto something at which I knew I'd be more successful - an interior design project!

Our living room has a great big wall above the sofa that needed to be filled, and after a bit of brainstorming with my mom, we came up with the idea of matting and framing pieces of pretty color-coordinated paper. Creativity win!

Our big, empty wall.

Frames ...

... plus paper ...

... equals pretty (and fancy)!

The finished product.

It may or may not be evident that the frames aren't exactly even, which is irking the shit out of my perfectionist side. My mom said nobody will notice; I told her it doesn't matter, it's going to continuously give me the shakes. The problem children might just need a different hook to hang on, so I may be able to remedy the situation for the most part. Otherwise though, I'm completely happy with it.

And now, since I got a minimal amount of sleep last night, it's time for a grandma-style Friday night, which means drinking tea and going to bed by ten. Happy Friday and happy three-day weekend!