Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Blog Swap 7: Why I Blog.

Hello dear readers. Today, as part of the 20SB Blog Swap, you're getting a treat - a post from the wonderful Mel! Play nice, leave love, and if you like what she has to say, you can check her out at her regular gig, Mel Learns Her Lessons (you can also find me over there for today). And away we go!


For me, any post titled “why I blog”, could just as easily be called “why I don’t do anything else”. You see, I’m not the sort of person who does things.

Instead, I blog about doing things.

It all stems from the sorry combination of being a chronic procrastinator and having the desperate need to feel like my life has some significance.

I’ve always been deeply in awe of those creative types who just get out there and do stuff. Take, for example, the maker of this scrumptious piece of frockiness. "Self taught through experimentation, an artist's vision, and hands on execution, Kate Towers creates non-seasonal, one of a kind pieces."

Now, most people would go about learning to be a fashion designer by enrolling in a dressmaking class, or at least finding someone's Nan to teach them about pintucks and button holes.

Our Miss Kate, on the other hand, put the jug on to boil, sat down at her sewing desk, took a deep breath and learned to make dresses.

And me? I would wikihow "become a fashion designer", add it to my 43 things list, blog for a bit and then give up.

It all makes me wonder... what might I have accomplished if I stopped talking about all the stuff I want to do, rolled up my sleeves and just did something? Oh, shall we ever know the answer to that question?

Hm… sounds like a great idea for my next blog post.