Friday, April 23, 2010

all smiles.

The past few days have been incredibly lovely.

Making and sending packages has to be the best thing in the world. On Wednesday I had the inspiration to make up a little care package for my cousin, who has finals in a week or so. I packed away some cute post-its, a box of brownies, a bag of Smarties and a little tube of glow-stick bracelets that I scored at Target for just a dollar. Then on Thursday I finally passed on the shoes I'd gotten for Christmas, which were too small, to Stephany, and I put together a birthday gift for Melissa and mailed it in a much bigger box than necessary. All of it put a smile on my face because I know how fun it is to get a package and I got all excited just thinking about everyone getting their gifts.

Today, I took advantage of the beautiful weather and worked on some outdoor projects. I used the weed whacker on the perimeter of the backyard (awesome arm workout, by the by) and continued work on the stripping and refinishing of my brother's bureau. But in between, I settled down with my magazines and took pictures because the weather was too good not to just sit and enjoy it.

Here's a sampling of the photos I took. If happiness came in colors, it would be the combination of this exact sky blue and the green of the leaves on the trees.