Monday, February 22, 2010

jam packed weekend.

For the first time in a long time, I had an entirely busy weekend, from Thursday night through Sunday, and it was wonderful.

On Thursday night, I stopped by to see my aunt and catch up while watching Project Runway. I hadn't seen her since Christmas! She and I are pretty close - she does a good job of keeping in touch with all her nieces and nephews because she's all about family. Plus, she's Lyndsay's mom, so I spent quite a lot of time at her house when I was in high school.

Friday was meant to be a quiet day, but then I got a call from Natalie that she and Danielle, along with a bunch of other people I hadn't seen since college, were going to meet for dinner. I debated for a little while because I knew I had a packed weekend, but since I was feeling pretty good, I said yes. We met up at Olive Garden and chatted for a few hours and it felt just like junior year all over again.

I spent my entire Saturday with Katie and Melissa. We talked about how we had unusually-timed wedding fever and all the things we wanted to do for our weddings, got Chili's To-Go and decided it was the best idea ever, and had some more therapeutic discussions. There was also a little bit of blog entry rehashing - I looked over my entries from freshman and sophomore year - and it really fun to go back.

Then Sunday was a little more laid back - we headed out to visit my aunt and grandparents for my mama's birthday. They share a two-family home in Bayonne that my mama grew up in, with my aunt and cousins living on the top floor and my grandparents living on the first. It's a really lovely little house that I absolutely adore, and it always comforts me because it's such a familiar place. We had pizza and, of course, two kinds of cake for the birthday celebration, and talked about everything from the Olympics to family drama.

I was definitely ready to have a "recovery" day today, and in true Monday fashion, I woke up feeling exhausted and had awful cramps. So I have every excuse to lay around being lazy. It's days like today I'm so grateful I don't have a full-time, 9-to-5 job yet.

So, how was your weekend?