Thursday, January 21, 2010

i love the internet.

Yesterday at noon, as you probably already know, the internet exploded with awesome. If you don't already know, check out this post, multiply it by about fifty (or more) okay more like a couple hundred people, add $2,000 donated and one very surprised blogger, and there you have it.

I heard about it late and was at work, furiously trying to make the 12pm deadline on a computer that still runs Windows 95. Just as the clock clicked to the magic time, I hit publish and headed off to Twitter to watch post after post come in. It was goosebump-worthy, for real. After about five minutes, I realized I should probably watch the video I'd just posted to my blog (like said, I was really late on this). I wasn't able to hook up my headphones, but even watching without sound I found myself tearing up.

As is probably the case with many of us, my friends and family in "real life" don't necessarily understand the connections made over the internet. Whether it's the slowly-decaying idea that people over the internet must be creepy stalkers or that it's just plain weird to call someone you talk to over Twitter a friend, I have gotten plenty of strange looks from those around me. But this is a shining example of how connected we all really are.

All of the love oozing from the internet and blogosphere yesterday has my heart filled to capacity. It's truly amazing how kind and caring people can be, even about people they've never officially met in person. If I ever need to explain to anyone what this whole blog and Twitter thing is all about, I'm telling them about yesterday. Because that? Pretty much explains it all.