Wednesday, December 16, 2009

christmas rush.

I cannot believe Christmas is so soon.

I'm one of those people who starts planning really early and jumps into the season with both feet. The Christmas music comes out and is played everywhere I go, I wave goodbye to my bank account and start buying gifts for everyone, and I drink a lot of hot chocolate. And various Starbucks beverages.

Then, around the second week of December, I kind of hit a stand still. I get sick of the constant holiday songs about sleighs and snow and trees and small children not having money to buy shoes for their dying mothers. Who might meet Jesus. TONIGHT. (In case you were wondering, I always cry.) The problem with this pause is that it usually lasts up until the week before Christmas, when suddenly I realize that I only have half my gifts, don't have any ideas for the remaining gifts, the tree's not decorated, my cards aren't sent out, and ohmygosheverythingneedstoslowdown.

That's where I am now.

Granted, I have a full ten days until Christmas. I've taken steps to make sure the rest of the gifts on my list are either ordered, purchased, or on the list to be purchased very soon. I finally got around to trekking up to Michael's for a green ink pad so that I could get my cards finished. Even though I felt sick and crampy, I hauled my butt out of the house, ran errands, then came home and promptly got to stampin'. I'm very excited with how they turned out - they're nothing super fancy, but I like them. Of course, I don't want to share until I've sent them out so that those who are receiving them can be surprised, but I'll take a few pictures for later. (Also, there's still time to get yours! Although I already made all the ones for this go-round, if I get more requests and I have the time, I'll definitely make more. Click here to give me your info.)

Now, here's the silly part of all this. Even though I'm busy trying to get last-minute shopping in, wrapping presents, and figuring out what to bake for Christmas, I want to plan more. Something about the season makes me want to see people, to go out and grab drinks, dinners, or just hang out and watch holiday movies. I think I always just correlate the holiday season with having a full calendar of fun things to do, so I try to keep myself busy. I can't say it's completely terrible - it's definitely a nice change from wanting to mope about the house.

Plus, I get to start planning for my birthday - the week after New Year's - which is always exciting.

I missed yesterday for my Christmas photo, so here are the photos for yesterday and today.

A view of my candy cane candle that was almost on it's way out. I didn't like how the side shots were coming out, so I decided to take it from the top.

My inked-up stamps, before I washed them all off. I thought they looked very festive.