Tuesday, November 10, 2009

being productive RULES.

There's something about being productive that I absolutely love. It makes sense that getting things done results in a good feeling, but I get absolutely giddy.

It's probably because I spend much of my time lollygagging around, especially now considering my job search is on pause. I'm the kind of person who can go on doing nothing for days and days without even really realizing it, until I sit down one day and go, oh wow a WHOLE WEEK has gone by, and I've just been sleeping and eating all the leftover Kit Kats from Halloween.

(True story. Bouncing between sugar rushes and sugar crashes really isn't healthy.)

Last week I kinda dipped my toes in the Doing Stuff pool, but all I accomplished was my little craft projects and finally sending out my cousin's care package. So today I vowed to get things done. As much as I despise Mondays, I usually look at them as a fresh start, and fresh starts are my BFF. Why? Because I'm one of those crazy perfectionists who falls off the wagon of whatever I'm trying to accomplish as soon as one little thing goes awry. Mondays, in my mind, equal a clean slate for me to totally fuck up again be completely successful.

First I ran errands. I mailed the Playstation 2 game that I sold on eBay, picked up photos from Walgreens, and put gas in my car. Then I sorted the photos, put them in albums for my cousins, and wrote little captions by each picture. I cleaned the entire living room for my mother, vacuumed my own room, finally hung up all the things that needed to be hung, and threw out posters I'll never put up again. And it felt oh. so. good.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because I'm on a Successful Day High right now. That, and I'm abnormally excited about my just-planned sleepover with my favorite cousin at college. Having fun things to look forward to is definitely a good thing.