Thursday, October 22, 2009

the one where i talk about trees too much.

The weather this week has been absolutely beautiful, albeit a little out of season (I wore shorts today out of complete necessity). But it's been sunny and warm and delicious. After driving around for work and errands on Monday and Tuesday, I'd really wanted to go out and take a bunch of pictures of my neighborhood.

same trees, every street.
One block over from my house. I can't remember why I didn't take one of my actual street.

One of the reasons I love autumn is the way it transforms my town. Even though I'm finished with college and have been out of the town's public school system for years now, it's still back-to-school season. Driving or walking through my development reminds me of walking to and from school, and now that the leaves are finally falling, it brings back memories of raking them into a big pile before jumping in them.

Eventually, I'm going to have one hell of a time raking all of these.

My development is your typical idea of suburbia. The houses are cookie cutter in structure, although there are quite a few homes that have grown to ridiculous sizes. Lawns are manicured, basketball hoops litter the driveways and streets, and kids are running up and down the street all the time. But I think my favorite part is the fact that on every lawn, centered and just at the curb, is a tall red oak tree (or at least I think they're red oaks; whatever they are, they're really pretty).

with power lines.
On the main street that connects my development.

On Wednesday, The Boy came to visit and we went for a walk around the neighborhood and I brought my camera along for the trip.

neighborhood streets.

intersecting trees.

lined with trees.

Oh, how I adore them. They seem to go on forever and because they're on both sides, they create an awning over the streets. And it doesn't hurt to have this to look at when you're lounging around in your front yard:

tree branches.

[all photos from my flickr]