Saturday, August 29, 2009

tell me this isn't weird.

I am absolutely out of my mind.


I just pulled an all-nighter.

See, this is my "method" of getting on a regular sleeping schedule. I'm embarrassed to admit how late I've been sleeping (it's only been really bad the past two days), but it's fairly late. So, if I stay up all night, I am absolutely exhausted the following night. My head usually hits the pillow around seven, and that's even stretching it. This ensures that, even if I sleep for ridiculous amounts of time (I'm talkin' 12+ hours here), that leaves me at seven, eight, or nine in the morning. Perfect!


Isn't that the craziest thing you've ever heard of?! Yeah. We're weird, and I say "we" because my brother does this too. But it works! It's a kind of last resort, but it does work.

I do have trouble spots, however, like ... right about now. I think it's because my body's finally realizing, hey wait a minute, you didn't sleep! I get really punch-drunk too and annoy the crap out of my parents. It also gets really, really hard not to succumb to a mid-afternoon nap, because that turns into flat-out SLEEPING. Basically, the idea is to keep myself occupied throughout the day and not letting myself crash until at least seven. Maaaybe six, if I'm having a rough time of it.

So that's my crazy confession for the day. But now I want you to tell me...

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? And why?

Maybe I'll be surprised and find out someone else does this. But I seriously doubt that. Oh, and for the record, I have pulled all-nighters for traditional things, like girl talk and writing papers due the next day.