Thursday, June 25, 2009

A B+ ain't gonna kill ya.

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This is my first time participating in a blog carnival, and I must say, I was very excited to look back on old blog entries. After debating which blog to go with, I decided a blast from the past would be really interesting and fun. So without further delay, I present to you one of my very first blog entries, ever.

[Note: Content has been edited only grammatically and for spelling, because oh boy, was I a big fan of using chat-speak in my entries! To view the masterpiece in it's original form, you can head over here.]


November 7, 2002

Report cards ... my worst fears come true.

Actually, not really. But you were worried, weren't you? Turns out that my worst grade was that B in English. What does that mean, you say!? That means that in everything else, I did great!!!

RELIGION - A+ (only because I did the bulletin board for extra credit, hehe)


DRIVER'S ED (which will change), CHEMISTRY - B+

ENGLISH - B (which is due to lack of trying)

I think I did better than I thought I would. I only got a B in english because a couple of times, when we had an essay, we got a change to rewrite it and raise our grade, but I never did that so ... yeah. I hope everyone else did okay. There actually were top honors people, so I guess some people did alright in English.

You know, I don't find high school that stressing. But some of my friends are making me feel really bad that I'm not stressed. You know what I mean? Although I think some people are just to get attention. Everyone is like, "omigosh I have so much work and stuff and I'm totally stressed," and so my natural reaction is "aww poor you, you must be really stressed." But then I think about it, and some of these people do the same things I do, except they try too hard and then stress out too much. That's what really bugs me.

But that is probably just me, and there aren't too many people like that. I hope everyone did really great on their report cards, or at least appreciate and congratulate themselves on the grades they got. Just remember: a B+ ain't gonna kill ya.


All I can say is, I was such a critical little person, wasn't I? Yikes.

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ashley said...

haha cait...i used to feel the same exact way...see before we were even friends we were the same person...haha!!!