Saturday, May 23, 2009

mish mosh.

So you may (or may not) have wondered where the hell I've been for the past week and a half. Well.

Last week I spent every day either cleaning, making food, creating a scrapbook, or decorating my house. On Friday I graduated college (yay!), and Saturday was my house party. Since then? Um.. I've basically just been sleeping. Staying up late on Saturday night basically just screwed my internal clock right back up. I'm supposed to be job searching, but it's going very slowly.

Anyway, I have two grad parties this weekend and The Boy is staying overnight tonight, but I'm hoping to recap all my crazy party-planning activities, as well as the party itself. With pictures!! Hooray!

Oh yeah, I'm also in the market for a new laptop, which is a tediously slow process, mainly because now I actually research big purchases before making them. What an idea! I'm sick of my current HP, which is four years old, has a 15-inch screen, and weighs something like six and a half pounds. I definitely want thinner and a bit tinier - perhaps a 14 or 13-inch screen? Here are my faves after looking in Best Buy for the kind of size and slimness I want:


I'm a little hesitant to go Mac, only because I've always been a PC girl. I have limited experience with using a Mac, but I've heard nothing but good things.

Sony Vaio

A little bigger than what I'd like - it's only a pound lighter than my current laptop. But I can't help fantasizing about having a pink computer. I mean, come on! What screams CAIT more than a pink laptop?!

I would go smaller, but it starts going a little out of my price range.

And as for Dell? I'm still toying around with a ton of different makes and models. They have an XPS that's 13 inches, which is surprisingly reasonably priced. Seeing their Inspiron models in the store, I'm not really a fan, but we'll see.

Any suggestions? Feedback? I would love any opinions you have on your current or past laptops, whether it was a really good experience, or an "oh my GOSH please spare yourself and don't buy that brand/style."


Melissa said...

My dad is the best person with computers I know, and while that doesn't really give me authority on anything having to do with computers, it does make me highly opinionated on what the best ones are.

So there are a bunch of different types of computers in this world (business, gaming, consumer, etc). And you're probably looking for a consumer model. That would give you tons of hard drive to store pictures and music and a nice high screen resolution for editing pics and viewing video/movies.

I'm usually against Macs because my dad has been like haranguing against them for my whole life, but I think they basically pwn PCs as consumer models. The huge downfall is that they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive.

If you decide to go PC, we have mostly Dell models in my house and we almost never have problems with them. We have some Dells that are from, like, 2001, that still run reasonably well.

WOW this is the longest amount of text I've ever written as a comment! Hope this helps in some capacity, good luck with your search!

~ashley~ said...

i def think you should get a pick one...i feel like you NEED to have a pick one...cause you're right pick just screams cait!...i think you should go with which everone will give you thw most memory and stuff like that for your dollar!

~ashley~ said...

oops...i think i wrote pick instead of pink...haha...sorry about that

Jamie said...

I was a PC girl until two years ago but the transition was easy and now I'd never ever evvvvver go back to a PC. I love my Mac so much!

Plus, my MacBook is pink. I have a hardshell InCase case on it and it's adorable :)

EP said...

I know I'm probably too late to chime in on this one, but I have had a Mac for the past three and a half years. I've had to have it looked at THREE times in the time I've had it.

I definitely recommend getting a Mac!