Tuesday, March 3, 2009

grace in small things, 12/365

I had a not-so-great week last week, so I slipped a lot with my GiST posts. But I'm more than ready to get back to it.

1. Snow day! On a Monday, when I have three of my four classes.
2. Lyndsay getting accepted at my college!
3. Watching Lynds compete at states for cheerleading, and get 8th out of 11 teams! (Side note: Their team is a bit new to the world of competing, and for the past three years all they ever got was last place. So that's a major accomplishment!)
4. Catching up on sleep
5. Writing an awesome paper for Buddhism class

Doing my part to wage a battle against embitterment; join us.

1 comment:

EP said...

I feel like everyone had a snow day yesterday! I want one now, too!

And congrats to Lynds!