Friday, February 27, 2009

online retail therapy!

So while the rest of my campus hustles and bustles as they get ready for the Ludacris and Lupe Fiasco concert tonight... I'm going food shopping. I'm awesome.

Today has been very blah, even considering the awesome weather and the fact that Natalie visited campus. I went to the career fair which was, aside from one good interaction, a TOTAL FAIL. I thought - and was reassured - that it would be easier for me to get a job from these people this time around. Instead, I was met with apathetic recruiters who were quick to inform me they were looking for interns and not full time, even though their listing in the brochure said FULL TIME. Right.

(Can I say that I spelled 'brochure' right on the first try, but that it definitely doesn't look like it's spelled correctly? But it is. I Google'd it.)

I was thinking of venturing out to treat myself to some retail therapy, but it's rainy and I'm tired, and no amount of coaxing from the websites of Forever 21 and Kohl's is going to work. But! I just online-purchased this bathing suit from Victoria's Secret:

A bit pricey, but I didn't get much for my birthday, so I'm using that as my excuse for splurging a bit. It cost $49, plus something like $8 shipping, but because VS is so awesome, I had a $10-off coupon code sitting in my inbox AND I got a free tote with this offer, which was worth $25. And I call that splurging. Pfft!

However, there is something on my wish list that is totally a splurge item, and that's a new iPod.

(in pink, of course)

Of course, I'm going to rationalize this away as well - the battery on my bazillion-years-old and no-longer-trendy iPod mini is kaput. It barely holds a charge from the time I walk to class until I walk back, which is about two hours. My mom found some sites that offer battery kits where I can simply pay $30 to swap out the battery... but I want shiny new toys! Plus, I'm starting to run out of room. So it looks like this will be my next major purchase. Yay, shopping!

I guess I could also provide you with my food shopping list, but I'm positive you are completely uninterested.

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~ashley~ said...

my trusty ipod mini lasted me for years before the battery just was not my friend anymore...the stupid nano i just got last year seems to break every other day...i hope you have better luck when you get a new nano!!!